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What to see near Hotel Tenda Rossa - Marina di Carrara

The Five Lands

44 Km Distance from the Hotel
District (SP)

Monterosso al Mare is the largest village in the Cinque Terre. Consisting of two settlements, the old village and Fegina, and Monterosso al Mare. In this village you will find many monuments including:

  • The fourteenth century church of San Giovanni Battista
  • The castle of the Fieschi and the monastery whose church dedicated to St. Francis
  • Villa Montale, where he stayed the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Vernazza is a town that has achieved a high level economic and social development. One of the biggest is the town planning: the houses are separated by a single main street and at right angles, steep stairways called "Arpaio."

The monument, which you can find this village is the church of St. Margaret of Antioch, one dating to the thirteenth century.

Corniglia is the only village in the Cinque Terreis located on a rocky promontory.
In this village you will find:

  • Church of San Pietro, the Gothic-Genovese, dating back to 1350
  • The Oratory of the Disciplined, dating from the eighteenth
  • Largo Taragio, the main square of Corniglia

Manarola is a village of Riomaggiore, his name probably derives from "magna roea", a large mill wheel in this country. The monument is that you will find the church of San Lorenzo, which dates back to 1338.

Riomaggiore boasts monuments of great interest including:

  • St. John the Baptist, a church built in 1340
  • The Oratorio di Santa Maria Assunta
  • Castle, which dominates the Old Town

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The most interesting places and sights to see near Marina di Carrara.

Carrara Marble Quarries

Carrara Marble Quarries

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The Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps

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