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District (PI)

The city is located a few kilometers from the mouth of the river Arno, in a flat area called the Lower Valdarno. Pisa was founded by some Trojan refugees grown on the Greek city of Pisa, in the Peloponnese. Among the most important monuments of the city there is the Cathedral, declared a World Heritage Site, built in marble between 1063 and 1118, in the Pisan Romanesque style, with the bronze door of San Ranieri of Bonanno Pisano and Giovanni Pisano pulpit . In the square stands the characteristic leaning tower, tower of the twelfth century, 56 meters high, which acquired its characteristic tilt ten years after the start of its construction, now one of the most famous Italian monuments in the world.

Square of Cathedral, also known as the Square of Miracles, is the most important artistic and tourist center of Pisa. Ranked among the World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987, you can admire some of the masterpieces of Romanesque architecture in the European Union, that the monuments that form the town center of religious life: the cathedral, the baptistery, the cemetery and the bell tower.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the medieval cathedral. It is a Primate, the Archbishop of Pisa as a primate. It is a church with five naves with transept and three naves. The building, like the bell tower, collapsed perceptibly in the soil, and some failures in the building are visible, such as differences in level between the nave and the extension of Buscheto by Rainald of (the bays and the west facade) . The Pisan Romanesque style was created precisely from this church and then exported to the rest of Tuscany, but also in Corsica and Sardinia, formerly under the control of the Republic of Pisa.

The bell tower of Santa Maria known as The Tower of Pisa is, precisely, the bell tower of the cathedral. Below that the soil has yielded little, making it tilt a few degrees. The tilt has gone on for many years, until it stops after the restoration ended in the early twenty-first century. Because of the difficulties of construction, and beyond, its construction lasted over two centuries (in three different stages of work) from the end of the twelfth century.

The Baptistery dedicated to St. John the Baptist, stands opposite the west facade of the Cathedral. The building was started in the middle of the twelfth century, the interior, surprisingly simple and free of decorations, also has an excellent acoustics. It is the largest baptistery in Italy: its circumference measures 107.25 m.

Square of Knights where stands the Palace of the Caravan designed by Giorgio Vasari, including the complex decoration of the facade. Today it houses the Scuola Normale Superiore.

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The most interesting places and sights to see near Marina di Carrara.

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